• Overview

    With over 25 years of experience in telecom systems deployments GDi developed product portfolio for integrated telecom OSS inventory solutions based on latest TMF/eTOM standards. It is based on the GDi VIZION product for fulfillment and assurance processes, infrastructure and [...]


    Network Inventory systems are one of the most critical IT systems a telecommunications operator will ever implement.  Because Network Inventory controls network resources necessary to deliver services to the subscribers, it is the first and crucial step in the overall [...]

  • Network Inventory

    Network Inventory is a product component offered as a part of the GDi VIZION solution. The Network Inventory product version 12.3 features a modern, modular architecture of loosely linked components, which may be used to construct solutions fitting the current [...]

  • Services

    GDi professional services offer telecom providers, regulatory agencies and local government services for network resource and service management. Our specialized telecommunications services include solution  integration on customer premises or cloud based implementation of GDi VIZION. In both cases data migration, [...]