Network Adapters are plug-in modules built on Adapter Toolkit (ATK) and are part of the Discovery & Reconciliation platform. They communicate with a Network Elements, EMS, NMS or with any other source of Network Data to retrieve the necessary information to fulfill a specific discovery request. Typically, one Adapter is needed per Network Element type (or per EMS/NMS), although some Adapters support multiple Network Elements of the same vendor.

A Network Adapter extracts the information from the network elements and normalizes it into an XML format, before performing the reconciliation with the network inventory.  This normalized XML data can be used and stored for other purposes.

The southbound interface of a Network Adapters depends on the northbound interface provided by the equipment vendor. As a result, Network Adapters use various protocols to communicate with Network Elements and EMS or NMS systems, including SNMP, TL1, CORBA, XML, and other Java based protocols.
While the southbound interface is equipment vendor specific, the northbound interface of all Adapters is based on the MTOSI protocol, a standard defined by the TM Forum. MTOSI (Multi-Technology Operations Systems Interface) has been defined to facilitate the inter-working among different vendors, systems, and technologies.

Adapters Library:

GDi GISDATA has produced¬† equipment hierarchy or service Adapters for network elements or EMS/NMS vendors like Cisco, Juniper, Ericsson, Siemens, Huawei etc…, for complete list of available Adapters please contact us.