The GDi VIZION Enhanced Reporting System builds on JasperReports and iReport, the world’s most popular open source Java reporting library and graphical report designer, to provide a comprehensive family of Business Intelligence (BI) products. The suite spans the continuum of BI requirements, including operational reporting, interactive end-user query & reporting, dashboarding, production reporting, data analysis, and data integration. Products are available either stand-alone, or as part of an integrated suite utilizing common metadata and shared services such as security, repository, and scheduling.Jaspersoft is built on and exposes comprehensive public APIs enabling customization, extensibility, and seamless integration with other applications for businesses and developers.Jasper server is able to connect to any data source using industry standard interfaces such as JDBC. By default, reports support various data exports such as HTML, PDF, MS Office formats. GDi built a set of reports on Granite Inventory database that provides comprehensive logical inventory data view. All those reports can be extended and/or new reports can be created using iReport, open source graphical program that provides report designer capabilities.All reports can be either run manually, or scheduled for run any time providing result on destination directory or by sending them via e-mail.