Network Inventory systems are one of the most critical IT systems a telecommunications operator will ever implement.  Because Network Inventory controls network resources necessary to deliver services to the subscribers, it is the first and crucial step in the overall “order-to-bill” cycle.  The quicker an operator can accurately determine what resources and services are available, where, and when, the quicker an order can be placed, processed, and finally billed for or network becomes optimized in terms of costs of maintenance and operations. GDi VIZION Network Inventory is a solution designed for storing and manipulating of detailed information about cables and accompanying infrastructure assets comprising HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) networks. The described solution provides functionalities typical for HFC networks, while at the same time desired by the operators.After being populated with information Network Inventory becomes an important and reliable source of information about network resources – the heart of IT systems supporting business processes running across the organization. The solution provides dedicated tools allowing for automatic system data migration from external sources, including: databases, files and digital maps. With solution built on ArcGIS platform it can also easily support many file formats for storing and managing geometry in the geodatabase and integrate with all defined/required address models. The product utilizes a robust Esri GIS environment. Its application enables visualization of operator’s resources against the background of digital vector and raster maps.The system offers extensive capabilities pertaining to preparation of reports and analyses based on data stored in the system repository. The reports prepared are presented in system applications and may be exported to files in predefined formats.Also, thanks to its open architecture it is relatively easy to integrate the solution with other IT systems (CRM, Provisioning, Fault Management, NMS/EMS, ERP, Document Repository, etc.). System comes with built-in set of Web Services, but it is also very easy to define own set for some specific operations. The system functionality is made available as a set of specialized modules accessible as desktop applications.

  • Device Inventory – enables registration of data describing network elements and their parameters;
  • Infrastructure resource inventory – allows for management of information about infrastructure resources (buildings, manholes ducting and network components and wirings contained therein);
  • Customer and Service inventory – helps you to manage all deployed and activated services in your core network and provisioned to your customer giving complete view of all used resources, and thus improving provisioning process and analyses of sales opportunities.
  • Cable resource inventory – is used to register information about optical cables, their structure, parameters and connections within the scope of cable splices and switches;
  • Cable connection inventory – ensures processing of information about optical routes (connections) established in the network;
  • Coax Network analysis – provides functionalities allowing for calculations of signal parameters (signal strength at certain network points) and power (voltage/current) analysis.
  • Failure management – allows for registering failures and outages of particular network elements and calculate their consequences
  • Data reporting – enables preparation of reports based on data stored in the system repository;
  • Migration tools – ensure initial loading of existing data to the system and offer off-line interface capabilities.