Network Inventory is a product component offered as a part of the GDi VIZION solution. The Network Inventory product version 12.3 features a modern, modular architecture of loosely linked components, which may be used to construct solutions fitting the current needs of an operator with simple expansion options as new needs arise. Network Inventory is intended for implementation of business processes connected with building and maintaining telecommunications networks. The modular architecture of the product is mainly a set of several independent subsystems, where each one is responsible for a well-outlined functional area and may be flexibly shared as needed. Each subsystem is autonomous, i.e. versioned, measured and installed independently. A subsystem has at its disposal a dedicated data repository and a set of modules implementing business functions assigned to the subsystem. The business functions are made accessible to the users via applications from the subsystem and to other subsystems via interfaces. Business processes supported by Network Inventory are implemented through interaction of users with proper subsystems using an application and through cooperation of compatible subsystems using interfaces within well-outlined BPM processes controlled by the Workflow subsystem included in the product or by a different one, e.g. an existing operator’s system.